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H&M представляет ткань Coolmax и одежду в русле устойчивого развития
Mothercare вышла на Lamoda
Coty сообщила о запуске лейбла Кайли Дженнер Kylie Skin в Европе
В Дагомысе появится новый МФЦ
Одежные ритейлеры называют свое положение катастрофой
Совфед предложил временно освободить ТЦ от налога на имущество
Алессандро Микеле (Gucci) сообщил, что оставляет привычный формат недель моды
Asos внедрил технологию Augmented reality для показа одежды
Under Armour и Дуйэн «Скала» Джонсон представили новую коллекцию Project Rock
Медицинские маски бьют по бюджету трети россиян
Reebok придумал защитные маски для занятий спортом
Cainiao и KupiVip открывают склад для партнеров Alibaba Group
Петербургский Arny Praht запускает мультибрендовый маркет
Американская eBay отменила комиссию для российских продавцов кроссовок
Burberry: потери на фоне пандемии, но хорошие показатели азиатского рынка
Вместо основателя Brunello Cucinelli будут руководить два новых генеральных директора
Суд в Петербурге начал процедуру банкротства в отношении структуры «Юлмарта»
Tbilisi Fashion Week на пути к изменениям: новая локация и акцент на культуре
Дума приняла закон о расторжении договоров аренды без штрафов
The Kooples назначил нового креативного директора
250 магазинов Victoria’s Secret закроются из-за коронавируса
Госдума одобрила во втором чтении закон о расторжении договоров аренды

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Can I send you my CV/resumé? What does FashionJobs.com do? Is it an agency?

FashionJobs.com is neither an agency nor a recruitment company. It's an online job board on which recruiting companies may post their job offers and through which candidates may apply directly. Candidates may also upload their CV/resume to our database for more visibility.

Who can use FashionJobs.com?

Our services are reserved for professionals within the fashion, beauty and luxury industries.


I want to apply for a job by email but the company’s email address isn’t posted. How can I send my CV/resume?

In order to apply to job offers corresponding to your profile please click on the button "Apply now" below the job offer. Your application will be sent to the recruiter directly, after which you'll receive a confirmation email from us.

When I fill out and send the job application, who receives it?

It's sent directly to the recruiter. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been sent by us, but the recruiter will contact you directly should you be selected for an interview.

Why isn't the email address on the offer?

The email address is hidden in order to protect the recruiting company against viruses, crawlers and SPAM.
It also allows FashionJobs.com and the recruiting company to better manage all applications.

Must I call the company to know if I'm selected for an interview?

You may contact the recruiting company should the contact information be divulged directly on the offer. In general, the recruiter contacts the candidates to inform them of their status (by phone, mail or email), but be patient as this process may take a few weeks.

The file I'm attaching to my application is larger than 1MB and won't send

File size is limited to 1MB. Kindly resize your document to comply with the limit. Often, you may quickly resolve this by downsizing the resolution of attached images if any are included.

My CV/resume format is in .JPG and won't send

You should create a WORD or PDF file smaller than 1MB in order to be able to send it.

Is it necessary to apply for a job by written correspondance?

The easiest and fastest way to apply is via our website.

I don't understand why a job offer which was online last month is still online this month

If a job vacancy is still online it means that the position is still available.


My attachment won't upload

Kindly check that the document format is saved under one of the following formats : .doc, .docx, pdf. or rtf. It should not exceed 1MB in size.

For how long will my CV/resume be kept active?

For a period of 12 months. We'll send you an automatic email in six months time to inquire if you would still like to keep it active.